Thinking about Volunteering? Here’s all the information you need to help get started!



Thinking about Volunteering? Here’s all the information you need to help get started!

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is a great opportunity, not only for you, but for the organisations involved. Volunteering involves you offering your time to help those in need, whether this be helping to manage events, or assisting in charity shops for example. Although volunteering often consists of giving up your spare time for free, it can be very meaningful and empowering for yourself, knowing that you are making a difference.

Why should you volunteer?

Volunteering is such a great opportunity to get involved in. Not only do you feel like you’re a part of something meaningful and like you’re making a difference, but you’re also further enhancing your personal skills. When volunteering, you may develop many skills that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. As every volunteering experience is different and unique to the organisation, the skills you may develop, but aren’t limited to, include: time management skills, team work, organisation skills, money handling skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and the ability to work under pressure and with a diverse range of people. These skills not only develop your personal character, but also your employability for future work. With some volunteering projects, you may be invited to partake in additional courses such as first aid, SENDS qualifications, or even IT skills for example, that can further develop your skills too. Alongside developing your skills, volunteering can also provide you with the opportunity to meet new people and gain new friends, alongside personal connections across industries too. You will find that people you meet at volunteering events will have many similarities and hold the same values as yourself, which are both great foundations to healthy friendships.

If you make an impression on the organisation you’re volunteering for, many great opportunities could come from this. If the organisation is really impressed with the work you have provided, this could lead to further opportunities, such as the opportunity for work experience, or even a job! This is particularly valuable, as volunteering can be an opportunity to work in sectors and industries you may otherwise would not have access to. If you have a wide range of volunteering experience across different sectors, you may also develop personal connections that could help you access such industries further, again leading to work experience or even jobs that you wouldn’t have been able to access easily prior to this.

How can I get involved?

There are many organisations waiting for volunteers to sign up and get involved. The best way to access volunteering opportunities across a broad sector is by joining a volunteering community. By signing up your interest, specialists can direct you to opportunities that are most suited to you and your desires. Lincolnshire has many organisations that can support your search for opportunities, some in person, or others online. Examples include:

These organisations are a great way of connecting with the volunteering community, providing you with quick access to volunteering opportunities around you, particularly if you’re very open to the projects that you’re getting involved with.

In addition to events advertised by organisations, you can access other volunteering opportunities that may not necessarily be advertised. For many, volunteering opportunities come about by directly contacting the business that they’d like to help in. For example, people may apply to volunteer in charity shops, places of worship, or even animal shelters for example. To get involved via this way, it may be worth contacting people working in such places to enquire about an opportunity to volunteer. They may direct you formally applying via an online link, or even possibly invite you to attend a small interview, so both parties are able to come up with a suitable arrangement. Some businesses may also advertise opportunities in their stores, websites and local forums, with information on how to apply. Some current examples of what is available online include:

These few examples show the diverse range of opportunities around you! Volunteering is easy enough to get involved in, so why not?

For further opportunities do your own research. Simply enter ‘volunteering opportunities near me’ for example, to find what’s available to you.

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