If you are aged 16 to 24 year old, the government is funding organisations to create specific job opportunities for young people who are on Universal Credit.

On Kickstart you are paid the national minimum wage (or the national living wage depending on your age).

Placed for 25 hours (or more) for 6 months.

These are new jobs created by employers to support young people into work, they are not allowed to replace previous staff vacancies or jobs that have been made redundant.

These Kickstart placements will be different and vary per organisation and are job opportunities, you are effectively employed and will be subject to induction, training and development opportunities as per that organisations structure, you will also be subject to that organisations employment policies and procedures.

The employers must also offer some form of training and/or development to the young person whilst they are on placement to ensure the best possible opportunity to gain a permanent role in the future, either with that organisation or elsewhere.

If you are receiving Universal Credit – speak to your Work Coach about Kickstart Opportunities that are available within your area.

Not registered with the job centre? but would like to look at the opportunities that are being offered through the various employers in your area? Please check your eligibility to claim https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit/eligibility

If eligible apply for universal credit through the following link  https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit/how-to-claim from there and once the process is complete, your Job Centre Work Coach will be able to support you to access those opportunities in the area.

The following is just a bit more information to give you an overview of how it works from an employer perspective: 

If an employer has more than 30 vacancies (which could be the case for some very large employers such as supermarkets etc) they will work directly with the Job Centre, or you may hear the words Gateway Provider.  A Gateway Provider this is one organisation that will collate 30 job opportunities from various employers in your local area who don’t have more than 30 opportunities of their own.  Once a Gateway Provider has 30 or more in total they can apply to run these and support the young people to get onto the Kickstart scheme.