At last, everything is opening up once again! We are now able to go to restaurants, shops and, very soon, bars and clubs!

Although everyone is very excited about lockdown rules being lifted (as they should be!), it’s still very important to follow social distancing rules – not just for yourself, but also for other people. When going out, it is important to use the NHS Track & Trace app. Make sure to keep up to date on local COVID data in your area. This can be extremely helpful in stopping the spread of COVID-19, saving lives, and possibly reducing the chances of having to go into another lockdown!

Remember, do not make plans for summer too far in advance just in case we do go into another lockdown – if this happens, you may not get your money back. If you do make plans, such as going on holiday (even in the UK), make sure to check for free cancellation – this can come in handy, even when it’s not lockdown, as you never know what might happen!  

You should inform yourself about the vaccine and decide if you want to get it. Remember, even if you have no symptoms, you may still have COVID-19 and pass it on to others! It is important to look after our elders. If you can, try to help them by seeing if they need any shopping done, if they are worried about going out into real shops. Remember, rules have changed a lot throughout the last year, and they are still very much subject to changing again. 

Finally, lockdown has been extremely difficult for many people’s mental health. Being away from things that we love – our friends, family and travelling have been very difficult. If you are feeling anxious or nervous about lockdown ending, just remember that you should do everything at your own pace. There is no rush– just enjoy yourself!